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The Lyon family

1066 - 2015

General Advice

  1. The Family is divided since the 1100’s , there are the Lyons (plural) family who moved to Ireland and they continued up to the present day all over the world. They are not directly related to the present Royal family.
  2. The Royal family line started through John Lyon (1340) who married a daughter of King Robert II of Scotland. The Lords of Glamis continued to carry the royal blood until they became the Earls of Strathmore & Kinghorne and the Bowes-Lyon family.  All this is displayed in various pages on this site.
  3. If you think that you are related to this Royal family and you live in the USA then you would need to be directly connected with William Lyon, Thomas Lyon, Henry Lyon of Richard Lyon who arrived in New England in the 1600,s.  There are some other members of the family who arrived in America later who are related but that is not common.
  4. After they arrived in America some of those original families changed their name to Lyons  (plural) for various reasons which causes some confusion to many genealogists - they can be separated usually. I get many people questioning their ancestors when the name is plural and can usually differentiate between the clans. The “Irish” Lyons family originated from the Lyon family in Scotland in the 12th. Century and mostly lived in Ireland and some in England later in English history.
  5. Tracing modern families is made easier because the the USA started keeping records from early days  and the recent census is 1940.  The UK is decades behind with their censuses from 1841 until 1911
  6. Many difficulties arise about the naming of persons.   Family members in a family like the Lyon family would normally only bear one Christian or first name - like John.  The surname was also often adopted by workers for the family   It was common to adopt a surname such as Manchester because John came from Manchester. It could be John Carpenter because of his trade. Extra Christian names became popular after the 15th century which makes research much easier.
  7. See the Basics of genealogy page for more advice.