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The Lyon family

1066 - 2015



Maps and illustrations

Introduction to the Lyon Family

Part 1  Meet the Lyon family 1066 - 1649

Chapter 1     The Norfolk family.

Chapter 2    The Northamptonshire Family.

Chapter 3    Scotland, the Knights Templar and Robert the Bruce. Chapter

Chapter 4    Scotland and the  Kings

Chapter 5    Reformation, Revolution and Emigration.

Part 2  The American Lyon family to 2014

Chapter 6   Settling in the New World

Chapter 7   The father and his three  sons.

Chapter 8   Another view up to the War of Independence - John Bogin

Chapter 9   The American Civil War-1861-1865

Chapter 10  Leaving New England - A New Adventure

Part 3   The family in Great Britain to 2014

Chapter 11  The Warrington Lyon family

Chapter 12  The Lancashire Lyon family

Chapter 13  The Earls of Strathmore and Bowes Lyon Family

Chapter 14  The British Royal family


This is not an Index but the reader may find it helpful to check these Appendices by page number in the main text of the book –

Appendix A   The Norman Conquest in 1066

Appendix B   Genealogy Problems

Appendix C   The Middlesex Line

Appendix D   Lands acquired by John Lyon (1340)

Appendix E   Theodore Beza

Appendix F   William Tyndale

Appendix G   The Warrington Lyon family

Appendix H   Early Grand Masters the Guild of Masons in Scotland

Appendix I    The DNA problem

Appendix J    The Bethia Lyon family  (Special paperback edition)


Postscript by Sylvia  (Dillon) Lyon


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