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The Lyon family

1066 - 2015


   Lords of Glamis     Birth-Death        Father     Title dates

1st  Patrick Lyon         1402-1459      Sir John    1380-1435

2nd  Alexander Lyon   1429-1486      Patrick      1402-1459

3rd  John Lyon            1431-1497       Patrick      1402-1459

4th  John Lyon            1452-1500       John          1431-1497

5th  George Lyon        1488-1505       John          1452-1500

6th  John Lyon            1491-1528        John          1452-1500

7th  John Lyon            1521-1592        John          1491-1528

8th  John Lyon            1544-1576        John           1521-1592

9th  Patrick Lyon        1575-1615        John           1544-1578

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History of Glamis & Glamis Castle

The history of Glamis started when it was a hunting lodge for kings before 1100 AD. The castle was built after 1375 by the family and has been expanding for hundreds of years - read the stories