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The Lyon family

1066 - 2015

Founding of Newark, New Jersey


I have included another long quotation about the involvement of Henry in his community after moving to New Jersey.  He was obviously a capable man who seems to have inherited an ability to organize and lead others becoming a landowner like his ancestors before him. He had followed Puritan practices in his new homeland and was proud to be a settler and an American citizen.  Henry became the town Treasurer and first Inn keeper in Newark.  

Henry (1623) was a brother of Thomas (1621) and Richard Lyon (1624) and also settled in Connecticut (CT). He later moved to New Jersey where he became an early resident of Newark. Henry Lyon was the most enterprising and forceful of the three brothers. He settled first in Milford, CT, removed later to Fairfield, CT, and finally joined the Colony that established in New Jersey the town of Passaic to which the name Newark was afterwards given.  The descendants of Henry Lyon were prominent in the early history of New Jersey and included several officers in the Revolutionary Army.   

A branch of the family established itself at an early date in Rhode Island.  Another branch removed to Ohio and aided in founding the city of Cincinnati.  Still another, Reverend James Lyon, ardent patriot in the Revolutionary war, planted the family name in Maine.

Henry Lyon 1623 - 1707

Of Fairfield CT and Newark NJ