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The Lyon family

1066 - 2015

Richard Lyon Jr. 1624 - 1678

Richard (1624) first settled in Fairfield County, Connecticut. He was the youngest of the three brothers who escaped from England after the execution of Charles I.  It is said that they were more than just witnesses of the execution as they were soldiers in Oliver Cromwell’s Model Army. It is also said that Richard brought his sword with him to America.  


Richard married MARGARET (no maiden name known), they had 7 sons and 4 daughters.  All records state that Margaret was born in 1624 in Fairfield CT, which was mainly occupied by Belgians, Dutch and Germans at that time.  The records also state that they were married in 1642 but as this Richard was in England at that time this was unlikely.  It is possible that Margaret was born and married in England and came with Richard to Fairfield, CT.  Apart from information in his will, little is known about Richard but that he fathered a large family and started a dynasty, with hundreds of descendants still living today all over America and Canada.


He settled in Fairfield, Fairfield County, CT in 1649 after fleeing from England and was made a Freeman there in 1664, he was Commissioner for Fairfield in 1669 and at his death in 1678 left an estate valued at £632 (a considerable amount at that time).   


During the Revolution they were mostly loyal to the cause of Independence.  From Vermont some of them moved to Michigan – among these the Honourable Lucius Lyon who represented the new state of Michigan as a Senator in the Congress of 1837-39.


His descendants settled in Fairfield, Redding and neighbouring towns, extending gradually northward into Massachusetts and Vermont.  During the Revolution they were mostly loyal to the cause of Independence.