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The Lyon family

1066 - 2015


Special offers - personalized book

Are you related to a member of the Lyon family in the USA?

William Lyon III (1620)

Thomas Lyon (1621)

Henry Lyon (1623)

Richard Lyon (1624)

I will create another version of the book with your present family details so that they have a permanent memorial for future generations. This will be yours to distribute among the various members of the family.

   The story of the Lyon family from 1066 until the present day in the UK, USA and Commonwealth.

   This soft-back special edition shows the line of Bethia Lyon, granddaughter of William Lyon who was born in 1620 and landed in Roxbury MA in 1635.

     A special thanks to Pamela and Tracy - two sisters who ordered 50 copies of the Special edition to distribute to their large family. It includes these surnames who are involved in alphabetical order:- Arietta, Bailey, Barnard, Blacketer, BOWERS, Buehler, BUGBEE, Burt, Carlstrom, Cody, Clark, Clemins, Dean, Dodds, Dooley, Donovick, Drashner Finn, Foust, Frantz, French, Garcia, Hasna, HAWKINS, Henry, Hewitt, Hoffman, Jamison, Johnson, JONES, KILGORE, Koontz, LYON, Larson, Le Fevre, Little, Lord, Love, Martin, May, Mogenson, Parker, Payne, Poston, Robertson, Rosello, Rowland, Schneider, Shook, Stout, Tift, White.