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The Lyon family

1066 - 2015

Thomas Lyon of Rye - 1621 - 1670

  The Lyon Memorial says Thomas Lyon was born at Glen Lyon but as previously noted Glen Lyon being the Ancestral home was often credited with births that actually took place elsewhere.  

It is more likely that Thomas was actually born in Heston, Middlesex, where the family are recorded to have been living at the time. After the decision to emigrate it would appear that the brothers set sail for American and landed in New Haven, Connecticut.


American records show that Thomas settled in Greenwich, Fairfield County, Connecticut (CT).  He married MARTHA JOANNA WINTHROP in June 1647, the daughter of Henry Winthrop and Elizabeth Fones.  Martha was born in 1630 in Groton, Suffolk, England.


MARTHA WINTHROP was from a wealthy and titled family in England. Her father was Henry Winthrop and his father was Governor John Winthrop, one of three American colonial leaders, father, son and grandson, who was Martha’s brother. The story of her grandfather John Winthrop, an aristocratic leader in Massachusetts and Connecticut, is worth reading for an example of outstanding clarity about the goals of many of the early settlers.  Unfortunately Henry drowned in Salem Harbour within an hour of arriving in America.  The rest of the information is taken from the Lyon Memorial books.

This has been a long excerpt but it helps to understand the religion and beliefs of Thomas Lyon.  His family followed the teachings of George Fox for several generations; there is little mention of other churches until the 4th and 5th generations.  There are few who actually fought in the War of Independence and despite the suffering of many of their fellow Quakers throughout America the Lyon family seemed to survive persecution.