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The Lyon family

1066 - 2015

The Lyon family in the United Kingdom

1066 to 1649

The Norfolk (Middlesex) Lyon family from Roger de Leonne who came to Norfolk for William the Conqueror who set up a dynasty that eventually ended up in Scotland.

Then some became the Lords of Glamis and eventually the Earls of Strathmore who lead us to the Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon who married the future

King George VI.

1066 to 1500

The Northamptonshire (Warkworth) Lyon family started by Sir Nicholas Lyon who also came over to England with William the Conqueror.  

This line of the family later merged with the Norfolk line and produced John Lyon who was born in 1314 in Scotland.

  John was the father of John Lyon born 1340 who married King Robert II’s daughter and became the Lord Chamberlain of Scotland.  

The family moved to Scotland before 1314 for various reasons to do with their relationship with King Robert the Bruce who was related from previous family ties in Brabant, now in Belgium.

The family stayed in Scotland for hundreds of years and can be traced through history books because of their service to Kings Robert I, David II, Robert II and Robert III and all the James’s from I to James VI who became the King of England as James I. James reigned from 1603 until his son Charles I replaced him in 1625.

Charles I was beheaded in 1649 under the Parliament that appointed Oliver Cromwell to rule until 1658.  During this time four members of the Lyon family left England for America and became early settlers in Massachusetts and Connecticut and eventually New Jersey as Protestants.

In the meantime the  Earls of Strathmore who were descendants of the Lords of Glamis continued to serve in Scotland and England. The 13th Earl of Strathmore was the father of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon who married the future king of England - George VI.  As Queen Elizabeth she brought two daughters into the world - the present Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret.

The book explains all these steps in the history of the family from 1066 until 2015. Many live in Australia, South Africa, Canada, New Zealand and many other countries. Those in the Lyon family include the daughters who married and took other names - too numerous to show here but will be made available in another page.

The largest number of members of the Lyon family in England now live in Lancashire in the north of England.

     I have spent three years researching the family.  Here are some examples of the fascinating history of the family; read more about The Lords of Glamis, The Earls of Strathmore and Warkworth.

Learn more about the Lyon family in  the USA & Canada.

‘A Most Remarkable Family: a history of the Lyon Family from 1066 to 2015’ - books now available