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The Lyon family

1066 - 2015

The American Lyon family

  The first members of the family were early settlers in New England in the 1630’s although some claim to have arrived before in Virginia. The book covers William Lyon’s arrival near Boston in 1635 at the age of 14 and his family to the present day where the information is available.

  Following were Richard Lyon Sr.in 1640 and his sons Thomas, Henry and Richard Jr in 1649 - they lived in Connecticut (CT) and later New Jersey (NJ) before many family members moved west and south to California (CA) and Texas (TX) respectively in the 19th century. The book leads you to information about their descendants to the present day.

  The story follows thousands of families through four main phases of American history:-

  1. The settlers in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Jersey before the War of Independence - four generations.
  2. The War of Independence up to the Civil War in the mid 19th century.
  3. The move west to Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and over the Mississippi to California and other western states.  The move south to West Virginia, Kentucky and down to the far south including Florida.
  4.  The building of the railways, motor vehicles, aero-planes and other modern methods of travel making travel so much easier.

  One chapter looks at statistics and information about the movement of the members of the family with many remaining farmers and landowners wherever they settled - following hundred of years of tradition.


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‘A Most Remarkable Family: a history of the Lyon Family from 1066 to 2015’ - books now available

I have spent three years researching the family.  Here are some examples of the fascinating history of the family in America; read more about William Lyon, Thomas Lyon, Henry Lyon & Richard Lyon.