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The Lyon family

1066 - 2015

William Lyon 1620 - 1692

Ancestors of William III

Father: William II 1580 – 1634 - Heston, Middlesex

Grandfather: William I 1555 – 1624 - Little Stanmore, Middlesex

Great Grandfather: John Lyon 1521 – 1592 – the 7th Earl of Glamis.

Great Great Grandfather: John Lyon 1491 – 1528 b. Glamis Castle, Scotland – 6th Earl of Glamis

William Lyon III was born in 1620. He was the youngest son of William Lyon (1580) of Heston, Middlesex and ANNE CARTER. His father died aged 54 at Heston.  His mother Anne, born in 1580 also died young in 1634. Smallpox epidemics were quite common in those days and it is possible that smallpox killed many of William’s family. William had a sister Elizabeth born in 1616 at Heston, it is claimed that she died in 1710 in France. He also had two brothers both named John who, unfortunately, died at birth in 1617 and 1619 and possibly an older brother Thomas Lyon who was born in 1600 to another mother.  

William is sometimes referred to as the youngest son of William Lyon (1580).  There is evidence that William III was baptised at Heston on December 23rd 1620.  


William sailed on the ‘Hopewell’ which plied its trade to America with frequent trips.  The ‘Hopewell’ on this occasion sailed on September 11th, 1635 and William is listed as being ‘fourteen yeres’ (sic). He made the journey with sponsors after he had been left an orphan at Heston near London. He travelled with Isack Heath aged 50 from Amwell, Little Hertfordshire, who had been a close friend of his parents.  They had all attended the same church. Fifty of the fifty-eight passengers were under 30 years of age and most were single. Journeys across the Atlantic could be pleasant or horrendous depending entirely on the weather.  Mr Babb, the captain knew the difficulties well and they landed at Roxbury Bay, just south of Boston, Massachusetts, in 1635.